Popcorn Packaging



Pre-popped popcorn is one of the fastest growing snack foods on the market today and is estimated as a $6.22 billion dollar industry by 2026, according to Fior Markets


One of the reasons for popcorns increase in market share in the snack and food industry is related to the covid pandemic.  With more people staying at home and looking for a healthier option to snack on, popcorn has been a steady go to choice.  Being that it is a healthier option than most processed foods on the shelves today, popcorn demand and your competition are strong and not going anywhere.  


In order for your popcorn to stand out, it will help to consider the type of packaging requirements you'll need to beat your competitors. Take a look at this recent blog of ours describing the various types of popcorn packaging available today and which ones might be the best option.  





Beyond print specializes in product packaging and brand messaging that stands out in the snack food industry.  Our team, with over 50 years of experience, can help you fulfill your vision with a popcorn product packaging solution that is durable, convenient, and functional.  We offer a variety of packaging options like stock, sustainable, flexible and rigid packaging to choose from.  

Whether your business has a marketing team with an existing design already or you need guidance from our art team to help design your popcorn packaging entirely, Beyond Print has the know how, will ask the right questions that exceed expectations and ultimately, complete your project on time and within budget.  


We encourage you to get to know more about us and meet our team.  If you'd like to discuss your project with us or have a question about popcorn packaging in general, feel free to call us at 844-815-1216 or send us a message here

Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn
Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn
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