Tea Packaging


The projected tea market, around the globe, is forecasted to reach nearly $69 million by 2027 and has a 6.6% annual growth rate expected from 2020 to 2027, making this sector a very worthwhile beverage segment to market in today.  

Tea is loved all over the world with green tea and black tea being the most popular and consumed types.  Herbal tea is also gaining popularity as more and more people consider tea, in general, a very health option due to its antioxidants and minerals, both of which help lower cholesterol and encourage weight loss. 

Types of tea sold today: 
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Fruit + Herbal Tea’s
  • Specialty Tea’s


Pending upon what type of tea you are selling, whether it’s in a tea bag or already brewed, it will be important to choose the right type of packaging for your product so that its shelf life lasts and your brand, overall, stands out

Choosing a team that knows beverage packaging is a good start.  You'll want your product package and label maker to get to know your story and really understand your product and message as this improves the outcome and prevents costly errors.  

A good packaging partner should have access to the best types of flexible or rigid packaging suited for durability, ease of use, and functionality.  They should also be well equipped for designing your overall look and feel of the package, including the creation of the product label and all branding elements thereof.  


Beyond Print is a leader in beverage packaging and product label creation. Our design services and in-house design team focus on you and your product packaging design until its right.  Whether you have a design team in place or need access to ours, or both, we can assist you.   

Consisting of graphic artists, brand specialists, copywriters, and photographers, our art team’s job is to create a product brand for you that is vibrant, looks good, shares your story, and stands out whether your product is sold in a grocery store or direct online.  

In addition to design, Beyond Print provides valuable services like inventory management, product warehousing, and logistical support if you need us to help with these often overlooked, but important considerations. 

Get to know our team, our extended services, and our story to see if we are the right fit for your product initiatives. You can give us a call at 844-815-1216 and speak to one of our representatives about your tea project or if you prefer, send us a message here

The Tea Smith Leaf Tea Packaging
The Tea Smith Leaf Tea Packaging
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