Snack and Chip Packaging


According to Fior Markets, the snack and chip industry, which fall under the processed snack market, is expected to increase by an annual growth rate of 4.5% from $215.9 billion in 2020 to $307.03 billion by 2028.  

Although the packaging and branding of potato chips and similar snacks are still incredibly important, as is any product, it’s worth noting changes that are affecting how you can market them more effectively in today’s economy.  

One important factor, at least, when discussing the processed snack market and the packaging thereof, is the increase consumers are placing on more healthy, low-calorie options versus the traditional high calorie snacks that scour the marketplace.  

Regardless of whether your snack is processed to preserve the salt, sugar, and fats they contain or unprocessed, your products benefits, package design and shelf life will always be key factors in marketing a winning combination.  


Today, you must choose both the right brand messaging as well as the right packaging for success.  Beyond Print, Inc. strives to help our customers choose the best packaging method to keep your brand on top, your package durable and your product fresh.  

Whether you need Beyond Print to help create the entire package from scratch or you have an idea or creative team that we would work with, Beyond Print will meet the objectives.     

As an entrepreneur, you have many important tasks to juggle like determining where, how and at what cost your product will be sold. Trying to determine how your product is protected, how fresh it's contents can stay or what your package will look like and say are all answered and achieved by choosing the right packaging partner. 

Having a team that you can trust and one that can implement everything from start to finish allows your one-of-a-kind snack to be one step closer to being on a shelf somewhere, ready to sell. 

There are countless ways to package a processed or unprocessed snack or potato chip.  Here are some of the various types of flexible packaging options we can provide: 


  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Flat Bottom/Box Pouches
  • Side Seal Pouches
  • Pillow Pouches
  • Stick Pouches
  • Bottom Seal Pouches
  • Vacuum Bags

It could be that you just need roll stock from us to be sent to a converter or copacker.  Whatever your need, let Beyond Print, Inc, with its 50+ years of combined history, tackle the unknowns with you.  We offer a variety of added services including labeling, inventory management and product warehousing and logistics

Our staff includes graphic artists, branding consultants and product packaging specialists that understand the market and how best to stand out.  Feel free to ask us your snack and chip packaging questions here or give us a call today at 844-815-1216.
Purely Elizabeth Granola Packaging
Purely Elizabeth Granola Packaging
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