Nut + Seed Packaging


When creating the product packaging for a nut or seed snack, it’s important to weigh a few factors before committing to how your product will ultimately be branded and how it will look on a store shelf.  

Shelf life of your snack is something that plays a pivotal roll in deciding the perfect way to bundle your new product.  Is the product processed, meaning does it have additional preservatives already in it to maintain freshness or will the packaging itself be used to accomplish this?  

Another factor to consider is shelf space and whether your product will be sold in a retail environment or online direct to consumers.  If retail, remember it’s often up to the store itself to determine what space they have dedicated to products like yours.  

Whether you are aiming to market in grocery stores, convenient stores or something similar, you will want to appeal to your audience with proper branding yes, but also the store rep making the purchase to carry your product line ultimately. 

Before designing your product packaging and brand, yet another consideration to process is to determine the size of the snack itself.  We know peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts are relatively small so choosing the packaging might not be as labor intensive as say a cluster of nuts or seed clusters that come in larger shapes and sizes.  


Beyond Print specializes in nut and seed packaging!  By taking the time to get to know you, your product, and story, we are better able to create something special that you are proud of and excited to promote.  Making sure your tasty treat is fresh, has a long shelf life, and looks good to a consumer are all top priorities for us to have a successful product launch. 


With 50 years of combined experience, Beyond Print, Inc. specializes in branding, graphic design, packaging, and labeling.  We help nut and seed entrepreneurs from across the United States, and their team, take a product from initial concept to action plan as we help source, create and deliver packaging solutions that work. 

If you have a question about packaging your nut or seed product, drop us a line here or give our team a call today at 844-815-1216.  We look forward to speaking with you! 

Chinook Seed Packaging - Beyond Print, Inc.
Chinook Seed Packaging - Beyond Print, Inc.
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