Cat Food Packaging


The demand for cat food products is expected to increase at a projected growth rate of 4.4% globally. This is largely in part due to worldwide pet adoption amid COVID-19 as well as other factors.  

Cats are the second largest consumers of pet food in America and hold a strong market share amongst other animal foods in the pet food industry.  This means that packaging and marketing a cat food requires some strategic thinking and a packaging partner who can help push your product line over the hump competitively.  


If you are breaking into this space and have a new cat food offering to provide consumers, not only will you be competing with big brand names but many others that are jockeying to be top sellers as well.  

It’s essential that your packaging design, product label, and brand messaging stand out in every way.  It’s also worth your while to explore product protection barriers, films, and sustainability options as shelf life for cat food can last anywhere from 4 months to over 1 year, often depending upon their packaging.  

Types of Common House Cat Foods:
  • Wet Cat Food
  • Dry Cat Food
  • Veterinary Diet Food
  • Cat Treats and Snacks
  • Organic Plant Based or Animal Derived


With over 50 combined years of experience in food packaging and labelling, Beyond Print provides a multitude of services that can help get your cat food project underway. 

Beyond Print and their team of graphic artists, branding specialists, and packaging experts work together to create pet food packaging solutions that are durable, reliable, and affordable to manufacturers across the United States. 

Beyond Print Service Solutions:

If you have a minute or two, get to know Beyond Print, see our team and view our work.  Let us know how we can help you on your next cat food packaging project by contacting us at 844-815-1216 or send us any questions you have here

Cat Food Packaging @ Beyond Print, Inc.
Cat Food Packaging @ Beyond Print, Inc.
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