Rebrand, Refresh, or Repackage? Make the Right Change for Your Brand

January 18, 2023

It’s that time of year again, specifically, the very beginning. That new years’ smell is still in the air, gym memberships are booming, and one question is heavily thrust into our focus, does something need to change?

For brand owners, that’s a critical question that can come with some heavy implications, but a lot of excitement too. If you’ve set some lofty business resolutions for the year and are wondering how you’ll achieve them, it may be time to consider a rebrand, a brand refresh, or a repackaging of your product.

Rebrand vs. Brand Refresh vs. Repackage

Whether you’re facing a major business change, need to boost sales, or looking to expand your audience, there’s solid reasons to consider a rebrand, a brand refresh, or a redo of your product packaging, but its important to know exactly what you’re getting into. Let's get into the differences below:

Rebrand: A total makeover or recreation of the corporate identity, mission, and strategy, along with a complete image overhaul.


This may include: 

  • Changing your mission statement

  • Designing a new brand guide

  • Establishing your brand in a new market or target audience

  • Establish presence on media channels

  • Reimagining your entire image, across all media channels

  • Product packaging art redesigned to fit new image

  • Creating a new voice or brand “personality”


When is it time to Rebrand?

If response to your brand has become negative and sales reflect the sentiment, it’s time for a major change. Companies facing deep systematic issues with growth, mergers/acquisitions, or a major PR situation would have good reason to rebrand. New or smaller companies may mistake the need to rebrand with not having a fully executed/created brand.

Needing to make big changes to a core product or line may be part of a rebrand, in which case, the brand would be well served to completely reposition itself to consumers to change how its preceived. 

Consumers today are scrupulous and crave authenticity. The key to pulling off a successful rebrand is to make changes truly genuine to how your brand operates, not just empty claims. 


Brand RefreshMaintains the brands core identity and mission ­while updating its image and design with a fresh new look.


This may include: 

  • Making updates to your logo

  • Updating your slogan or tagline

  • Updating brand aesthetic

  • Building out stronger social campaigns

  • Brand color pallet revisions

  • Product packaging art redesigned to fit new image

  • Refining marketing collateral

When is it better to go with a Refresh?

Response to your brand is good but may have become stagnant against competition. Brand image can grow old and out of date as the social climate changes and it needs to stay relevant to the target market.

Your core identity may be strong but needing better expression through updated design and messaging to translate to consumers. Perhaps something you’ve previously communicated is no longer appropriate or accepted by societal standards. Social movements happen quickly these days thanks to social media and brands are expected to respond.

Be sure to prepare existing customers that your look is about to change but the product they love isn’t, (or maybe that’s getting better too!). The key here is research and test, test, test! A brand refresh needs to be carefully executed for it to be effective lest you run the risk of doing a lot of work for little payout, or worse, losing previously achieved brand recognition.


Repackage: Changing the form, function, and/or total design of your product packaging to produce a new look or purpose. 


This may include: 

  • Updated packaging artwork/design

  • Change in packaging materials (enhanced barrier, sustainable options)

  • Different material finish (gloss or matte)

  • Changing packaging type (from rigid to flexible or vice versa)

  • Different size or shape for merchandising purposes

  • Functional updates for convenience (zippers, tear notch, handle, etc.)

When is Repackaging necessary? 

Any functional issue with packaging must be addressed immediately. If your packaging does not properly protect the product inside, hold up to shipping demands, or has too much excess space or material, your sales, revenue, and reputation will suffer. Ultimately, your product packaging is a physical respresentation of your brand and an opportunity to make a great first impression to consumers.


Anytime a business goes through a rebrand or a brand refresh, product packaging will need to be updated to reflect the new imaging at the very least. Artwork changes alone don't constitute a whole "repackaging," but it is a good time to examine other ways in which your packaging could improve. 


Packaging changes may be needed to enhance product protecting performance with enhanced barriers or convenient zipper features. Consumers are often willing to pay more for products in luxury or added convenience packaging. 


Repackaging initiatives can be deployed even when a brand is at its peak performance. Maybe you're looking at new vendors or resellers to stock your products and shelve space has changed or the options for merchandising vary. Repackaging your product in smaller packaging or adding a hang hole can keep you competitive with retailers.


Rebrand, Refresh, or Repackage - Beyond Print can Help

Whether you're working through a rebrand, a refresh, or a repackage, we can help ensure your project is a success. Our talented team has comprehensive expertise in design, branding, and custom packaging creation to make sure all needed elements are addressed and your business goals are met. 

Explore our services, give us a call at 844-815-1216, or ask us your questions here. We can help you make the change that's right for your brand. 

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